Valentine's Day: Sexy Lingerie Sets That Will Make You Feel Confident

Valentine's Day: Sexy Lingerie Sets That Will Make You Feel Confident

Valentine’s Day started way back before 486 AD–celebrated in the middle of February as the start of Springtime in Roman Festivals to remember Saint Valentine, a Christian Martyr. The romantic celebration didn’t start until the 14th Century. Beginning in the 14th Century, Valentine’s Day has become a celebration of romance, especially for couples. It is the time to give presents to that special someone in your life, like flowers or chocolates.

Most couples wait every year to celebrate Valentine’s Day. It is the opportunity to give their loved ones something they can treasure forever. Lingerie are also invented in the late nineteenth Century to replace the corsets and to provide women with more attractive undergarments that they can have the freedom to move fully, unlike the tightness they felt wearing the old versions of corsets.

Lingerie often provide confidence to the person wearing them since it enhances their body shape and improves their sexiness in many areas. It has become a go-to outfit if you want to feel sexy. There have been a lot of fashion trends through the years. On this list, here are some tips on what to wear for your Valentine’s Day that can boost your confidence.



Valentine's Day Lingerie: Chemise

Babydolls and chemises have similar designs to a nightgown. It has some similarities and subtle differences at the same time. The two lingerie are both included on this list at the same time since they are more likely the same. They have features that cover most of the torso and emphasize the attention to the bust area. They are one of the naughtiest lingerie you can wear for Valentine’s Day.

The difference between the two, chemises have a sleeker design while the babydolls, on the other hand, have a looser cut. While each lingerie has a dress cut, chemises have a more snugly fit and skim the body, which hits around the mid-thigh. In comparison, the babydolls have cups to support the chest area with a shorter hemline.

If you want to highlight your bust and waist area, both will accentuate those body parts. Since both lingerie have dress-cut, they draw more attention to the bust area and the waistline. If you are timid about trying out revealing lingerie, this is the best lingerie to start with.


Valentine's Day Lingerie: Teddie

The bodysuit and teddies are like a one-piece swimsuit. It is a bra and panty set that can be worn with ease. This lingerie are the most common lingerie you can see in your local malls or online. Bodysuit and Teddy Lingerie might be the ones for you if you want a more discreet lingerie style.

Both teddy lingerie and bodysuits have so much in common yet with little differences. They also have some similarities if you are familiar with leotards. Bodysuit designs often cover your body, from the shoulder to the hips. Some bodysuit designs are also great to pair with jeans or shorts. Nowadays, you can also wear bodysuit lingerie in public and accessorize depending on how you want to look.

On the other hand, teddy lingerie is an improved version of the bodysuit. If you love the design of the bodysuit lingerie but want more daring and revealing lingerie, then the teddies are the answer. They are also a one-piece of lingerie that connects bras and panties. Unlike the bodysuit lingerie, most sexy teddies are worn in the bedroom due to their much more revealing design.


Valentine's Day Lingerie: Satin

Satin lingerie sets have a lot of designs that you can choose from. For example, there are bodysuits, lace, and satin bra set. Satin is the most common fabric used in different types of lingerie. They provide elegance and a luxurious vibe because of their soft and shiny texture that you can notice, unlike other lingerie.

If you don’t know yet, satin is one unique fabric. They are great for both summer and winter. If you live in a hot climate, satin material lingerie is a perfect choice. They can reduce your sweating since it regulates your body temperature to keep you cool. Also, it can protect you from the cold during the winter season. It traps the cold winter air to keep your body warm. And the great thing about that is you won’t feel discomfort wearing them.

Satin lingerie sets are excellent for different climates. They are durable and have so much versatility. If you want to choose lingerie with proven durability, this one's for you. Lastly, the fabric gives you so much comfort and prevents skin irritation due to its smooth texture. Comfort is the best way to feel confident when wearing lingerie.


Valentine's Day Lingerie: Crotchless

If you want more naughty lingerie sets for your Valentine’s Day, the crotchless lingerie are for you. Just like the name, it has an open area around the crotch. They are perfect for erotic fun nights and intimate moments with your partner. It can surely boost your self-confidence to the next level.

One thing about crotchless lingerie is it gives you endless freedom to do a combination with your other garments. You can pair this style with any bra and panties that you have. Therefore, you can already feel confident enough since you no longer need to worry that you will look bad. The lingerie is excellent for experimenting with new combinations for your garment.

There are a lot of different versions or designs of crotchless lingerie to choose from. Lace crotchless lingerie is an example, providing sexiness in yourself but at the same time elegance. This lingerie is a perfect addition to your wardrobe, especially for Valentine’s Day.


Valentine's Day Lingerie: Open Cup

Open cup lingerie also speak for themselves, just like the crotchless lingerie. If some lingerie provides more support in the chest area by adding a cup structure, it is gone from open-cup lingerie. This lingerie can easily be considered the naughtiest lingerie on the list. The bra-like structure in the chest area is completely gone, so if you can picture it in your head, that is what it will look like.

Similar to the crotchless lingerie, open cup lingerie also have a lot of different designs you can choose from. There are various combinations that you can try. And the good thing about this lingerie is you can choose to wear any bra underneath, whether it is a new piece of bra or your favorite bra.

If you want to boost your confidence with lingerie, this is a recommended one to try. It will spice things up with your partner on Valentine’s Day and make it an unforgettable event in your relationship. The lingerie are also comfortable to wear, and there are open cup lingerie that still cover the bust area that you can choose.


Valentine's Day Lingerie: Corset

Corsets are the first type of garments that ladies wear before the invention of lingerie in the late nineteenth Century. It is used to tighten up your upper body to showcase your curves when wearing dresses. Although lingerie shortly replaced it due to its tightness, the corsets have been updated to provide more comfort.

The tightness of the dress can cause skin irritation, and the person wearing them can experience itchiness in their body which is no deal for confidence. You can also have trouble breathing due to the tight garment that you are wearing. However, modern corsets still have the same functionality as the old version of corsets, and you can already prevent yourself from exhaustion.

Modern-day corsets are used to be the centerpiece of a retro and steamy lingerie appearance rather than daily wear like its purpose from centuries ago. Modern corsets provide the necessary aesthetics to make you look even more attractive. From centuries-long corsets, you will experience a Victorian-era-inspired look for Valentine’s Day.


Holidays are the perfect time of the year when you can freely dress up. Whether you wear a costume-themed outfit or sexy lingerie, being comfortable is the best way to feel and show confidence. If there is a slight discomfort, then the power of the lingerie might vanish. So, when choosing a lingerie style, always consider its comfort and functionality.

There are a lot of sexy lingerie to try on for Valentine’s Day. It is up to you to pick one that you think is the most suitable for your personality, from discreet lingerie to a more daring and revealing type of lingerie. The purpose of lingerie is to give women the freedom to move freely and make them feel sexy. If you want to be attractive to your partner this Valentine’s Day, choose the lingerie that will make you feel confident.