Sexy Costumes to Make Your Holiday Unforgettable

Sexy Costumes to Make Your Holiday Unforgettable Infographic
Every year, people have a hard time deciding on what to gift their significant other. Why not surprise your lover with a sexy costume for a night of bedroom fun and roleplay.

A perfect sexy Christmas costume may be hard to find. Don’t worry, ROMA Retail Shop has plenty of sexy costumes for Christmas that you can choose from. The wide selection of outfits has different versions for each costume type. We offer high-quality sexy costumes that are made of comfortable materials like satin. You can find the perfect costume that will fit your budget and needs that are perfect for themed parties and roleplays. If you are struggling on who you should dress up as, here is a list of sexy costumes ideas to spice up your Holiday:


Almost every girl in the world wanted to be a princess.  Don’t be fooled by the innocent appearance of a princess. A seductive and sexy princess costume will make any man go crazy because of their elegance and royalty appearance.


Always depicted as the scary old lady in children’s books and moves, a witch costume can be sexy. Be a sexy witch and cast away anyone who stands in your way this.


Angel costume has been popular these days due to the influence of Victoria's Secret’s fashion show. A lot of celebrities also dress up as angels on Halloween. You can either be the innocent angelic appearance or you can dive into a darker angelic appearance for Halloween. Either one of the two choices will give you a heavenly beauty because of the godly and seductive appearance the costume is showing off.


How can the infamous bunny costume be included in the most unforgettable costumes for Halloween? Due to the popularity of the Men’s magazine Playboy, the playboy bunny costume has been around for a couple of years. They are the safe choice for having a seductive costume. The playboy bunny costumes aren’t just good for Halloween parties, they are also great for fun nights too!


Christmas is going to be merry! A sexy Santa costume is a good outfit for naughty ones. Halloween is the season to be jolly. The sexy Santa costume is a great choice for a cozy yet seductive appearance. Whether you can dress up in a lingerie Santa costume or a bikini-type of sexy Santa costume. Either way, it will send the spirit of Christmas to everyone.


Who else in the world can give a lustrous and seductive influence on the world but the devil? Be devilishly delicious on Halloween by dressing up as the devil. It is perfect to pair with your friends that are wearing angelic costumes. It will make you stand out more during Halloween Parties. That sexy Santa isn’t just the one punishing the naughty ones but the sexy devils too.


Aside from everyone wanting to be a princess, almost everyone in the world also to be the one who saves the day and be the hero that everyone loves. Well, with the holidays right around the corner makes it the perfect chance to show off your superhuman sexiness. There are a lot of superhero costumes that you can choose from and one example of that is Wonder Woman. Bring the fierce Amazonian spirit on Halloween and save the day to make your dreams come true.


Villains are evil. That is how they are always depicted in movies and TV shows. But one thing that is the most noticeable thing about villains is they are both seductive and attractive. Sexy costumes will make your body shape and curves stand out more.


Everyone will be having a heart attack when they saw a sexy nurse coming inside the room. Feel good wearing a sexy nurse outfit while you treat your patients with sass. Be seductively beautiful and elegant at the same time with a Playboy Nurse costume or a Night Shift type of sexy nurse costume. Wearing this kind of seductive costume will make every grasp for air once they look at you. You better be prepared to come and save them have a first aid kit near you.


Every person that has been to school knows that cheerleader outfits are one of the hottest uniforms ever. Live your dream of becoming a cheerleader, it is a go-to costume for someone looking for a sexy costume.


As one of the most gorgeous of all mythical creatures, who wouldn’t want to be a mermaid for Halloween? Just like what Kylie Jenner wore for a Halloween Party, you can also look stunning in an adult version of the Little Mermaid costume. There will be a sea of compliments for your seductive sexy mermaid outfit.


Doing chores is a pain. What reason would not make you inspired to do tasks just by wearing a French Maid outfit? If you are looking for a naughty maid to clean your house, then this is the right choice. It's the perfect costume to wear for setting unforgettable sexy costumes for Holiday. Plus, it's the perfect outfit to wear for your partner during fun nights.


Feeling holy yet naughty? The nun and priest costumes are perfect for you. Just like what the celebrity Halsey wore for a Halloween party, you can also look like a seductive nun for Halloween. Whether you are planning to behave for Halloween or you want to be naughty, dressing up as a nun or priest would spice things up a lot. The sexy nun and priest costumes are the best for roleplaying during Halloween parties or even during fun nights.

For an unforgettable costume for a Holiday, everyone must dive into their naughty side. Wearing a seductive costume for Halloween or Christmas will accent your beautiful curves and give you all the freedom to be sexy. There are a lot of gorgeous and elegant costumes for the ladies wanting a fun and exotic night.