Best Bridal Lingerie Looks for Your Wedding Night

Best Bridal Lingerie Looks for Your Wedding Night

Every woman in the world has dreamt of this day. Meeting your prince charming and marrying the love of your life. Planning a wedding can be considered the highlight of every person's life. It is the final stage to lock the bonds with your other half and, at the same time, opens a new door to spending the rest of your life with your partner.

A wedding is a once in a lifetime event for everyone. You only have one chance to celebrate the best moment of your life. Celebrating your wedding in every fun way possible is normal. It is your day and your spouse's day to enjoy. Marriage is sacred and one of the most unforgettable events to celebrate in your life. You can have the best night of your life singing, dancing, and many more activities. But wedding nights are the event's main highlight, where you can spend intimate moments with your partner in the bedroom.

Aside from the wedding gown that makes you look like the most majestic woman in the world, you can also be the most charming woman in the bedroom with the help of lingerie. Lingerie is well known for leveling up the game with your partner in the bedroom. It gives a boost to every woman's confidence, and it helps them display more of their sexiness. To have a memorable wedding night, here are some ideas of lingerie that you can wear.


Before buying lingerie for your wedding night, first, consider the theme of your wedding. Whether it is a modern or old-fashioned style, you need to find the appropriate garments you will need for your special day. And once you determine these things, you are ready to choose from different sexy lingerie.



Wedding Lingerie: Bustier

The first lingerie on this list are the traditional corsets and bustier used by the Victorian era. They have been used for centuries to serve as women's undergarments. It is usually a tight outfit with lace at the back to tighten it to provide a good posture and a slim body. However, these corsets were replaced by lingerie because they restricted women from moving freely and often caused discomfort.

Corsets and bustier are an excellent option if you want a retro look for your wedding night. The outfit clinches the waist and supports the breast, which displays a sexy feminine silhouette that will surely make every woman attractive. But if you felt like this wasn't for you, this is where the bustier have come for you.

The bustier is less clinching and boning, which makes it a more suitable option for most women. If you don't want to sacrifice your comfort over the design, the bustier is perfect for a retro look on your wedding night. You can wear this lingerie under your wedding gown to make you look hotter.


Wedding lingerie: Chemise Babydoll

If you want lingerie resembling a nightgown, babydolls, and chemises are great. Both lingerie are similar to a dress, but most of the time, it has a see-through fabric used in them. They primarily draw attention to the waist area and the bust area. It supports the chest area, enhancing your bust to make it look more attractive.

 The chemises are a great choice if you want a more snugly fit and don't have a very long cut. The height of the chemises often hit around the middle of the thigh, making the body appear more skimmed. While on the other hand, if you don't feel like you are into a snugly fit, the babydolls are here to save your wedding night. The babydolls have a looser fit to the body, unlike the chemises. Most designs of babydolls have a lot of support in the chest area. And lastly if you are a fan of short hemlines, this is a good choice.

Both lingerie have their characteristics, but the most noticeable feature they have is they will surely make you feel elegant. Although it is not revealing, unlike the other types of lingerie, it still has the aesthetics that will make you feel sexy. It is a great lingerie choice to start your honeymoon with your husband.



Wedding lingerie: teddy

Another lingerie option is the bodysuits and teddy lingerie. They are the most common lingerie out of all types of lingerie. They are the perfect outfit if you are a low-key bride and want to look sexy for your groom. And if you are a conservative person or a bit shy of showing a lot of your body, the bodysuit is a great choice.

Most of the time, bodysuits are now often used in public, you can even see your co-workers wearing lingerie in the office, and even the ladies passing by are wearing bodysuits in the streets. The bodysuit has a more discreet design than the rest. It is the reason why most prefer bodysuits over any lingerie.

While on the other hand, teddies' lingerie is a daring version of the bodysuit. Well, technically, the teddy lingerie are bodysuit. The subtle difference that you can notice between the two is the teddies are more daring and revealing versions of the bodysuits. Another feature that is most noticeable in the teddy lingerie is that they have a lot of cuts, making moving very easy. It has comfort, and it makes you beautiful at the same time.


Wedding Lingerie: Garters

Garters and suspender belts are common at weddings. They are usually used to support the undergarments of the wedding dress. If the design of the bride's wedding gown includes fishnets on the thighs, the suspender belts are often seen to be paired with the gown. It is one of the more subtle lingerie than any other lingerie. You can even begin to wear them as an underlayer of your wedding gown.

It will be exciting for both the bride and the groom as they undress the wedding gown and see elegant lingerie with garters and suspender belts supporting the fishnets from falling. The preferred color is the color, just like a wedding gown's color, which symbolizes elegance and purity.

Suppose you feel like you want low-key lingerie for your wedding night. The garter and suspender belts are a great addition to make your wedding even more unforgettable. Another advantage is still wearing your favorite bras and panties to pair with the lingerie. It makes an endless combination of what look you want to create for your groom on your wedding night.



Unlike any other holidays you and your partner have celebrated throughout your relationship, nothing can compare to celebrating your wedding. Weddings only happen once, and that is why it is normal for most people to make their wedding unforgettable and cherish every moment they spend with their partner for life.

There is a lot of lingerie to choose from for your wedding lingerie. Choose one that you think is the most suitable for your wedding night, whether it is a conservative or daring and revealing outfit. If you are confident of what you wear and comfortable with it, you will likely have a memorable wedding night.